Gaoyao Jinli Honglang Hardware Factory(China)
ChinaTue 16th October 2018

Gaoyao Jinli Honglang Hardware Factory is a large enterprise specializing in the production of hardware products for bathroom decorations, integrating research, development, production and service together. We always stick to the purpose of "new for design, and elegant and exquisite for model".

Our factory has a whole set of excellent facilities and rich technicians to guide technique for our metalwork of bathroom clamps, door pulls, and pull poles.

According to the requirement of manufacture, we possess advanced facilities, such as precise grinding machines, computer milling machines, and the punches of different tonnages. We also use advanced processing craftworks to guarantee product quality. Because of constantly striving spirit and demanding quality, we have won favorite comments from our customers.

"Absorbing all advantages, and developing unique styles" is our unchanging faith to products and brands. Each "Honglang" product designed professionally shows our outstanding creation.

Reviewing the past and looking forward to the future, we will keep improving technology, making strict demands, and perfecting after-sales service as before. We would like to do well in the market competition with the best quality products.

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